Unleashing the Feminine Flamenco Spirit in All


The Evolution of Flamenco Dance:
Breaking Gender Barriers

From its inception, the world of flamenco dance has maintained distinct styles for men and women. Masculine flamenco emphasized powerful footwork, while feminine flamenco revolved around the graceful movements of the hips, torso, arms, hands, and fingers.

Yet, history reveals that women have fearlessly ventured into the realm of masculine flamenco since the 1800s. Surprisingly, the opposite has been a longstanding taboo - men dancing feminine flamenco.

A Paradigm Shift: Men Embracing Feminine Flamenco

However, times are changing, and I am thrilled to introduce Lunaris Feminine Flamenco™ for Men, a unique flamenco experience open not just to women but also to men and all humans regardless of gender identity.

In Spain, a renowned dance company led by the talented Manuel Liñán has challenged convention by showcasing male dancers in traditional feminine attire (see the video above). They present themselves on the stage adorned in flamenco skirts with delicate flowers adorning their hair. It is a sight of sheer magnificence!

Lunaris Feminine Flamenco™:
Empowering Self-Expression, Self-Care, and Self-Confidence

In our Dance Enrichment Program, we immerse ourselves in the art of skirt dance, masterful braceos, and floreos - those enchanting feminine flamenco movements of hands and arms. We embrace the mesmerizing sway of our hips and torsos, infuse passionate turns, and, above all, revel in the pure joy of it all!

In this unique style, you won't need any shoes; barefoot is a welcome choice. So shed your inhibitions, dare to be different, and fearlessly explore your feminine side. Come, join me on this remarkable journey of self-expression through the captivating world of feminine flamenco.

Rupaul, and the Mainstream Revolution

Remarkable individuals like Rupaul have transformed what was once a subculture into a thriving mainstream phenomenon. Embracing feminine flamenco allows us also to be flamboyant, to express ourselves fully, and to revel in the sheer exuberance of life itself.

At the Lunaris Dance Enrichment Program, we foster a loving and supportive community, drawing people from diverse corners of the world, representing different cultures, races, and genders. Our shared passion unites us, creating an environment where self-expression, self-care, and self-confidence flourish through the power of dance.

I invite you to check out our Dance Enrichment Program where you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing the transformative nature of dance. Let us celebrate life, let us dance together, and let us truly feel alive!

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