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¡Hola! I Am Puela Lunaris...

I am on a mission to take the power of dance off the stage and into people’s lives to experience more health, happiness, and fulfilment. This inspired me to create this online academy and to share the (almost) extinct art of feminine flamenco, a forgotten style with very little footwork, which anybody can learn and enjoy because it is easy and fun!

As a dance-loving girl, born and raised in an ancient village in Southwestern Spain with a spellbinding traditional folklore that goes back hundreds of years, it’s not surprising that saving aspects of flamenco in danger of extinction would become my fascination—and my life’s work. For that, in 1994, I founded Dances of the World Society with a focus on reviving Zambra and feminine flamenco.

I am here to inspire and empower you through my expertise from my 22+ years as a devoted dance teacher, and all I learned while earning my BA in Dance Education & Spanish Culture from the State University of New York and my Master’s in Digital Media from New York University. 

A good place to get started is this FREE Barefoot Feminine Flamenco course

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela, you inspire me to dance! 
You have so much beauty coming through your movement and energy. Beauty is not about having specific weight or age but it's about energy. There's nothing more seductive and beautiful than energy and you convey that so wonderfully in your dance and your teaching."

- Ilina S.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela is a very good dance teacher. I like her clear explanations, her vibe & composure. Not only is she a native Spaniard, but also she is enthusiastic and makes it very easy to learn the richness of the dance and her culture."

-Jean L.

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Puela Lunaris has far exceeded my expectations! Her level of expertise and ability to break down every detail makes me feel as though I am taking an actual dance class rather than virtually."

-Jessica N.

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