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Learn Unique Choreos

✓ Zambra Mora
✓ Flamenco Hat

✓ Spanish Skirt
✓ Fun with the Fan!
✓ Flamenco Shawl
✓Sephardi Gypsy Tambourine


✓ Create Your Own Choreographies
✓ Costuming & Staging
✓ Dance Composition
✓ Stage presence
✓ Performing


✓ Musicality
✓ Improvisation
✓ Rhythmic Training
✓ Inspiration from
    History & Culture
✓ Lunaris Feminine
    Flamenco Technique™


✓ Dance for Fitness
✓ Archetypal Wisdom™ 

✓ Conditioning Exercises
✓ Warm-ups & Cool-downs
✓ Self-Confidence & Self-Love
✓ Moving Arts for Well-Being™


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How does this work?

This Enrichment Program has three main tracks to foster your creativity, artistry, and self-care. You sign up for a monthly or annual membership. You can cancel anytime.

As soon as you join, you have access to learn unique choreographies, read articles, download music, create your own choreos, enjoy self-care programs, participate in contests, win prizes and join our private Facebook group where you receive the support of a  wonderful community of dancers from around the world, share your dance journey, and develop friendships.

There are classes in Barefoot Feminine Flamenco Technique & unique choreographies (Zambra Mora, Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance, Tambourine, Flamenco Hat, Fan, Shawl, and more). Plus, you get access to fascinating multimedia content with accurate information about Spanish dance history and culture.

If you want to create your own fusions, or simply if you are interested in the passion of Flamenco without smashing your knees through heavy footwork, this Enrichment Program might be ideal for you! We dance serene & sensual, sassy & elegant, rather than fierce & ferocious.

You also get your questions answered on a weekly basis, as I host FB lives Q&As. Plus, you can follow monthly challenges and submit your videos for review to ensure your steady progress.

Following the latest research in Learning Design, our lessons are released in progression on a weekly basis, so you don't get overwhelmed with too much information.

While many Flamenco dancers base their identity as artists on their shoes and their footwork, I base mine on dancing barefoot. Similar to Isadora Duncan at the beginning of the 20th century, I feel constricted dancing in shoes. I love the freedom and the lyricism of dancing barefoot!

Let me share with you one of my very special performances of barefoot feminine Flamenco that took place at the Throne Room of Alexander the Great in the ancient city of Babylon.


I created this Enrichment Program to keep alive the wisdom and the power of the sensual, feminine way of dancing Flamenco and pass it on to future generations. I recommend that you join us today and try it risk-free to judge for yourself!

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What Are Dancers Saying?

Puela is THE source to learn from!

"I love learning at my own pace and having the modules and videos to read and watch over and over again.

I enjoy having the community and being able to see the other dancer's comments. Puela makes herself available for discussions and answering questions through our group coaching calls."

Elena Rose. Spring Lake, North Carolina

Every dollar spent has been worth it!

"Puela Lunaris has far exceeded my expectations! Her level of expertise and ability to break down every detail has made this online program feel as though I was taking an actual dance class rather than virtually.

Puela provides so much information that covers not only technique, but the culture, history, and life behind the dances!"

Jesska, Founder BaileDance Company, New York City

This online program is structured very well!

"Puela’s pastoral care is excellent! This training has filled in a lot of gaps for me. Now I have the vocabulary to break down the moves, as well as the imagery!

I have benefited by learning about choreography, musicality, palmas, also the subtleties of Flamenco styles. The multimedia approach is fantastic! "

Maureen Theresa. Dancer, soloist; writer/blogger. Walsall, United Kingdom

Tour Inside this Enrichment Program

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Who Is Teaching This Enrichment Program?

Hi there! I am Puela Lunaris, the founder of Dances of the World Society. I have devoted my life since 1993 to rescuing dance and music traditions in danger of extinction, including Zambra Mora and Feminine Flamenco.

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and Spanish Language & Culture from the State University of New York. I have also earned a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University.

Because I wholeheartedly believe in personal and professional development, I created this Enrichment Program, in which I am putting at your service my 22+ years of experience as a dance teacher, performer, scholar, and multimedia producer. You will also benefit greatly from my in depth knowledge of my own culture as a native Spaniard.

I feel very accomplished in my career as I have fulfilled all my dreams and aspirations as a performer and teacher. In 2008, I established this Online Academy to coach and support other dancers, so they can fulfill their dreams, and to pass down the Feminine Flamenco tradition, in danger of extinction, that I so cherish.  If you want to give this Enrichment Program a chance, know that I will be lovingly dedicated to your success!

"Puela Lunaris is a consummate professional who provides exceptional strength in the field of dance education."

Arlene Jordan
Director of Education, New York City Center Education Department

Your Questions Answered

During this Enrichment Program, you are NOT alone in front of a computer. I am lovingly dedicated to your success, so I host FB live Office Hours/Group Coaching sessions, at no extra charge, to answer all your questions and give you the personal care and support you need.

Is this Program Guaranteed?

Yes! You can experience this Enrichment Program FREE of charge! 

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You can cancel anytime after that and you will continue to have full access until the end of your billing cycle.

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  • Zambra Mora
 Technique & Choreography
  • Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion Technique™
  • Intro to Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance- TEACHER TRAINING
  • Feminine Flamenco
 Technique & Choreography
  • Spanish Fan Technique
Flamenco Hat Technique & Choreography
Mantón- Shawl Technique & Choreography

  • Whirling-The Dance of the Universe™

  • Kalé-Sephardi Tambourine
  • Sevillanas Technique & Choreography
  • Costuming
  • Staging
Lunaris Self-Care Secrets

  • Dance Fitness
Rhythmic Training

  • Dance Composition
History & Culture
  • New Content Added Regularly
Certification Opportunities

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1- $199 set-up fee (Waived!)
  • SPECIAL BONUS #2- YOUR DANCE FAMILY! Private FB group with a wonderful community of dancers from around the world.
SPECIAL BONUS #3- ACCOUNTABILITY Our regular challenges keep you engaged and on track making steady progress.
    Complimentary Office Hours through weekly FB live Q&A with Puela.
  • SPECIAL BONUS #5- ONE-ON-ONE FEEDBACK! You can post your videos and receive feedback within the FB group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most programs only have you learn choreographies created by other people. Whereas in our Enrichment Program, you can create your own choreographies and have the opportunity to become an award-winning choreographer!

The main style presented here is Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion. It is a contemporary approach based on the ancient roots of flamenco dance, which is older than the invention of the flamenco shoes. However, you don’t have to dance barefoot. That is a choice each dancer makes.

In addition, here you’ll find Feminine Flamenco, different from the conventional Flamenco we see on most stages, which is mostly based on the masculine style emphasizing strong footwork.

Our heritage goes back to the original Feminine Flamenco style (Baile de Mujer). Originally, in Flamenco women barely did any footwork. Instead, they danced with their hips, their torso, their arms, their skirts, their fans, their shawls… In short, their dance was a spellbinding display of their feminine charm!

If you want to create your own fusions, or simply if you are interested in the passion of Flamenco without smashing your knees through heavy footwork, this might be the ideal program for you. We dance serene & sensual, sassy & elegant, rather than fierce & ferocious

No. You don't need any flamenco shoes. In fact, I dance barefoot. The footwork in Feminine Flamenco is minimal, therefore you don't need special shoes or a special wooden floor.

Since this enrichment program is online, you need a good connection to the internet and either a smart phone, tablet or computer.

If you wish to dance with props, you will obviously need the prop of your choice.

Yes! Your payment information is 100% secure. All sensitive payment information is protected with an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a high-grade encryption algorithm. Your credit card information is encrypted and it doesn't even stay in our servers. It is processed and stored in a separate and secure billing system managed by Stripe, the world-wide trusted platform for online payments. 

Yes men dance Feminine Flamenco! Many famous dancers include Feminine Flamenco in their style, including Joaquín Cortés and Manuel Liñán.
Paradoxically, one of the most important teacher of Feminine Flamenco was a man! The legendary Enrique el Cojo.

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