Relieve Neck Tension - Lunaris Technique™ Self-Care


Neck Tension Relief in Under 5 Minutes:
Experience Instant Relaxation and Improved Mobility

 Are you finding yourself lately spending more and more time in front of screens? You know, computers, smart phones, tablets, TV…

Does it happen to you that your mind gets so immersed in what’s going on in the screen-world that you disregard how your body feels?

I know I do, resulting in tight muscles and even pain in places in my body where I did not even know I had places. But now, I am paying more attention to how my body feels and I am beginning to make self-care a priority!

Now, it is more IMPORTANT than ever to take care of our precious bodies and enhance our immune systems. That’s why I am starting to share for free my personal stash of my Lunaris Technique™ Self-Care that I teach on our Dance Enrichment Program. 

I developed the Lunaris Technique™ Self-Care during my 22+ years as a dance educator. I created conditioning exercises based on concepts of Sacred Geometry from ancient Mediterranean cultures such as Egypt, Babylon, and Greece, integrating the wisdom of Yoga and Qi Qong as well.

 What I love about it is that most of the conditioning techniques take less than 5 minutes and we can do them standing or seating, so we can take little mini-breaks to recharge our energy and release tensions throughout the day.

So, today, I want to share with you this super simple upper body conditioning exercise that I use to release tensions, so we can prevent pains in the neck.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this tension-releasing technique. It is effective! Especially, if you do it with the Aaahhh sound, as I show you in the video.

Let’s help our necks to feel relaxed and free from tensions, our cervical spines flexible and supple, and our shoulders loosen and strong!

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