Enjoy a Flamenco Adventure in the Heart of Andalusia


Las Cruces de Mayo in Lebrija: a Celebration of the Senses

Hey Flamenco enthusiasts! Get ready for an extraordinary journey into the heart of Andalusia—I'm excited to extend an invitation to join me for an immersive Flamenco experience this spring in the picturesque town of Lebrija...

Las Cruces de Mayo in Lebrija isn't just a celebration; it's a sensory display that will awaken your senses to the little-known world of flamenco as a community ritual. This is a hidden jewel that I share, with only a few remarkable people, through a unique Flamenco cultural immersion in my homeland of Spain.

Picture yourself dancing through the streets of Lebrija during the first weekend in May! Every corner bursts with the vibrant hues of fresh flowers, and the air is thick with the anticipation of a celebration that transcends time. But the real enchantment begins as the sun sets, and the entire town transforms into a living, breathing Flamenco fiesta.

Imagine the anticipation in the air as you step into the heart of Andalusia, where the very essence of Flamenco beckons—a symphony of vibrant colors, the aroma of tradition, and the echo of ancestral rhythms.

As a seasoned explorer of this captivating tradition, l will guide you into the core of the celebration. There are adorned crosses, garlanded with flowers all over town. You'll be welcomed by my local friends who are not merely hosts but keepers of stories told through singing and dancing, passed down through generations. Imagine savoring the essence of Lebrija—indulging in the taste of traditional food, sipping the richness of local wine—all shared under the starlit sky…

And here's where the magic truly unfolds. Amidst the adorned crosses, the entire town transforms into a stage where the soul-stirring melodies of Sevillanas Corraleras resonate. I've documented this tradition since the 90s and there's nothing quite like the rhythmic beat of the tambourines guiding you through the dance. This is hands down one of the most authentic flamenco experiences in Spain.

If you came on your own, you will be just watching, but as my guest, you won't just watch; you'll be part of this unique experience—an insider's view into the heart of Las Cruces de Mayo. It's about participating, feeling the energy, and becoming one with the celebration. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or someone just stepping into the world of Flamenco, this immersion promises to be a sensory delight.

Having produced a documentary on this very celebration, I bring not just expertise but a profound love for the tradition. Join me in Lebrija, where the vibrant colors, the aroma of flowers, the taste of local delicacies, the sound of laughter and music, and the feeling of being part of a timeless tradition come together in perfect harmony.

So, fellow Flamenco enthusiasts, make this coming spring a memory to cherish for the rest of your life by enjoying this flamenco community ritual among us Spaniards! Join me for a Flamenco adventure in Lebrija—where tradition meets passion, and the spirit of Flamenco comes alive under the Andalusian stars. ¡Ole!


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