Flamenco Cultural Immersion in Spain!
Lebrija - Sevilla - Jerez 

Flamenco Trip to Spain - Feria & Spring Rites 2024

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Have You Been Dreaming of Visiting Spain,
and You Want Something More Exciting & Authentic than
Being Another Tourist Watching Another Flamenco Show?


I am Puela Lunaris. I invite you to my home country of Spain to dance under the stars during the fascinating & vibrant Flamenco Spring Rite called "Las Cruces de Mayo'' in the legendary town of Lebrija, outside of tourist circuits.

Plus, I will take you to a unique, unforgettable trip to Sevilla and you will enjoy with me and my friends the world-renowned Jerez Fair (Feria de Jerez). 

 Flamenco Cultural Immersion in Spain - Feria & Spring Rites 2024 

 Lebrija - Sevilla - April 28-May 5
Jerez Fair - May 5-12 

 Yes. You can have both!

Week 1: Lebrija - Sevilla - April 28-May 5

Dance Under the Stars with Me & My Friends
in the Flamenco Town of Lebrija (Spain)

Las Cruces de Mayo is a time-honored spring rite of pre-Christian origins. In ancient times, it was dedicated to divinities such as the goddess Maya and the god Dionysus. Then, it was Christianized and later forbidden by the church. This unique spring rite has survived in Lebrija (Spain) for centuries against all odds. Now, we celebrate it by singing and dancing Sevillanas Corraleras, under the stars, all night long. 

Crosses all over town are beautifully garlanded with flowers. I invite you to join in, singing & dancing through the streets from cross to cross, along with my friends in Lebrija. When we arrive to a cross, we are welcome by the neighbors, we bring the joy of our presence, our dancing, our clapping. We have fun together... Then, we move on to another cross to continue sharing that joy!

No professional skills are needed to participate. During this cultural immersion, you learn to dance, sing and clap the traditional Sevillanas Corraleras. It is so much fun!

Flamemco tour
flamenco tour-dancing in spain

I created these very special and unique Flamenco Cultural Immersions™
to welcome you in Spain and share the magic of my culture to you!

With me, you are NOT another tourist
watching another commercial flamenco show in a tablao.

In this Lunaris Flamenco Cultural Immersion™, I invite you
to enjoy our flamenco culture with us Spaniards!

We’ll welcome you as a new friend, so you can...
dance with us under the stars,
sing with us through the streets,
revel in our cuisine and local flavors
and return home renewed
after experiencing our unique Cruces de Mayo spring rite!

Fantastic Day Trip to Sevilla

Sample accommodations Lebrija

We stay in lovely fully equipped apartments in the historic & quaint Lebrija, within walking distance to everything.

Double occupancy apartments with kitchen, WIFI, washing machine, and living room. You’ll have your own private bedroom and a shared bathroom.  

Private apartments may be available for an additional fee, but you need to reserve soon!

Week 2: Jerez - May 5-12 

Famous & Fabulous Jerez Fair


Accommodations in Jerez

Four star hotel within walking distance of the Feria grounds. 
Double occupancy rooms (individual bedrooms for a fee, based on availability, so reserve early). 
✨ 24 hour reception ✨ Free high speed WiFi ✨ Free coffee and tea 24h ✨ Hair Dryer ✨ Laundry ✨ Central air conditioning ✨ Late check out available ✨ 

flamenco tour cultural immersion flamenco dancing vacation in spain

This Flamenco Cultural Immersion Includes:

  • Welcome tapas¬†reception & orientation.¬†
  • In Lebrija accommodations in a lovely fully equipped apartment in the historic & quaint Lebrija. (Double occupancy apartments with kitchen, WIFI, washing machine, and living room. You‚Äôll have your own private bedroom and a shared bathroom.¬† Private apartments may be available for an additional fee, but you need to reserve soon).
  • Feria de Jerez: four star hotel within walking distance of the Feria grounds.¬†So it is really convenient to take breaks during the day and saving tons of money on taxis at night.¬†Double occupancy rooms (individual bedrooms for a fee, based on availability, so reserve early).¬†
  • History & culture presentations where you'll discover little-known facts about flamenco... Well-researched, accurate information which is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Sevillanas Corraleras Cante (singing) classes, so you can join in during our celebrations (You don't need¬†a singing voice).
  • Palmas & comp√°s classes so you can participate in our fiestas & gatherings.
  • Jaleo classes (these are the fun phrases & sounds¬†of¬† encouragement traditional in flamenco. They must be done in the groove (a comp√°s).¬†
  • Sevillanas Corraleras & Feria styles (made-easy) dance classes, so you can enjoy dancing alongside Spaniards.¬†
  • BONUS: full Sevillanas dance online course, available to you as soon as you sign up, so you¬†know the basics¬†by the time you arrive to Spain.
  • Spanish fun mini-lessons to learn important phrases to communicate with our local friends.
  • Review + Q & A sessions.
  • Small group size¬†
  • Being hosted with personalized attention by a loving &¬†knowledgeable Spaniard (yours truly ūüíē).
  • Translations when needed.
  • Beautifully designed Certificate of Attendance.¬†
  • Videos & photos of you dancing in Spain!
  • The opportunity to enjoy an authentic flamenco cultural immersion with a wonderful international group of people and make friends¬†among Spaniards.

     Specialties Week 1: Lebrija-Sevilla
  • Private fiesta with the¬†acclaimed¬†flamenco performers Aires de Lebrija. Plus, a delicious selection of traditional tapas and Spanish wines & beer (with options for non-alcoholic drinks)
  • ¬†A visit to the Centro Flamenco de Lebrija.
  • Guided Walking tours of Lebrija.
  • Traditional tambourine classes in Lebrija
  • Exclusive personal invitation to join the in-crowd of Lebrija, so you can dance & sing with us¬† during the Cruces de Mayo Flamenco Spring Rites.
  • Guided Walking tours of Sevilla.
  • Dancing opportunity at the legendary Plaza de Espa√Īa in Sevilla.¬†
  • Flamenco shopping in Sevilla (You'll get the best deals).

    Specialties Week 2: Jerez Fair
  • Learn what is a feria. Its protocol & culture.
  • Experience the Jerez Fair during the day.
  • Experience the Jerez Fair at night.
  • Walking Tour of Jerez.
  • A visit to the Centro Andaluz de Flamenco.
  • Flamenco Shopping Tour to get the best deals for the most beautiful costumes.¬†
  • Tour of the most legendary Pe√Īa-Casetas at the Jerez Fair.
  • Accommodations in a four star hotel within walking distance of the feria grounds.¬†
  • Personal¬†invitation to join the in-crowd¬†at the Fair so you can dance with us and make new wonderful friends among Spaniards.

    This Flamenco Cultural Immersion does NOT Include: 

    Air fare, transportation by train or to & from the airport, food (except for the specified dinner or events)

Price Early Bird 

ūüćĬ†One week:¬†$2,987 (save $100 by paying in full= $2,887).

ūüćĬ†Both weeks¬†-¬†based on availability¬†(Best Deal): $4,974 (Plus, an additional $100 discount¬†if paid in full = $4,874)¬†You save $1,000.00 by signing up for both weeks.

Deadline for the Early Bird Special Ends on April 15th, 2024 at 11pm EST.

Regular Price

ūüćĬ†One week:¬†$3,475 (save $100 by paying in full= $3,375).

ūüćĬ†Both weeks¬†-¬†based on availability¬†(Best Deal): $5,950 (Plus, an additional $100 discount¬†if paid in full =¬†$5,850)¬†You save $1,000.00 by signing up for both weeks.

ūüćÄ A deposit is required to make your registration official and to secure your spot -¬†$1097 deposit for one week stay -¬†$1897 deposit for both weeks.

As soon as you fill out the RSVP form, you will receive a confirmation email along with payment instructions. Payment plans available.

Registration Deadline - March 15th 2024

During the Jerez Fair, accommodations are extremely expensive and also highly coveted. I cannot guarantee that accommodations will be available for the Jerez Fair Week if you sign up too close to deadline. Please don't book your flight until you get a confirmation from me.

This experience is open to only small group of people and it is filling out fast! If you are intending to join, it is wise to apply for your invitation right away.

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Deadline for the Early Bird Special

February, 23, 2024 at 11:55pm EST









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Who Is Your Guide?

¡Hola! I am Puela Lunaris, dance educator, flamenco cultural consultant,
 multimedia producer, and the founder of Raíces Flamencas, a program devoted to safeguarding aspects of flamenco in danger of extinction.

I created these Flamenco Cultural Immersion Experiences to satisfy the desire to taste flamenco as a living culture, as we Spaniards experience it through our rites & celebrations, which is different from what you see on the stage and usually not available to foreigners.

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Culture and Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU). Most importantly, since 2004,  I have  been researching and safeguarding through audiovisual media our traditional flamenco rites, many of which are almost gone from the face of the earth.

Now, I am opening the doors to these unforgettable life experiences, to share with wonderful people like yourself the magic of my culture.

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