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Zambra Mora Flamenca (Technique & Choreography)

  Learn Authentic Zambra!   Zambra (sometimes called Zambra Mora) is a sensual, passionate Flamenco dance from my ...

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Fun with the Fan! (Technique Workshop)

Learn Exciting Flamenco Fan Techniques Direct From Spain! This is an online fan technique workshop, where master tea...

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Barefoot Feminine Flamenco (Technique & Choreography)

Strip your stress away in seven glorious lessons! Enter a realm of feminine grace where your radiance can be fully ...

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Rhythmic Training

Learn and practice effective drills for your own rhythmic training. Explore rhythms from around the world.  Through ...

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Do You Want to Strengthen Your Turning Techniques?

Whirling - The Dance of the Universe™ Whether you are a dancer who wants to acquire new turning techniques or you si...

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Sevillanas (Technique & Choreography)

Enjoy yourself learning Sevillanas, an exciting and highly structured dance that develops your coordination, sense of...

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Mantón- Flamenco Shawl (Technique & Choreography)

Discover very important secrets, tricks, and techniques to handle the Flamenco shawl  (Mantón de Manila) with style, ...

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Lunaris Self-Care Secrets

Benefit from my own personal stash of Self-Care techniques that you can use as conditioning exercises, warm-ups, cool...

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Performing - Costuming - Staging

Whether we are on a world-class stage or performing for friends at a party, costuming, make-up, and staging are essen...

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Spanish Skirt Dance - TEACHER TRAINING

Whether you’re a troupe leader looking for a new choreography, an aspiring dance teacher, or a well-seasoned instruct...

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History & Culture: Tangos Flamencos

Join me in a multimedia exploration of one of the most sensual, fun, and magical styles of Flamenco! Older than and ...

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Anatomy for Dancers in Plain English

Let's get to know our precious bodies! Sign up to explore anatomy in a juicy, easy, and fun way to promote proper al...

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