Fun Flamenco Immersion Trips to Spain
flamenco cultural immersion trips to Spain

You Get This and More...

🌟 Dance under the stars among us Spaniards.
🌟 Specialty dance lessons with expert teachers
🌟 Exclusive fiestas flamencas
Traditional cuisine & wine tasting
🌟 Fascinating history & culture presentations
🌟 Walking tours of iconic flamenco places 

🌟 Wonderful (small) groups of people
🌟 Perform in Spain on a legendary flamenco stage
🌟 Great accommodations in modern apartments in a former Andalusian palace

FRee Barefoot Feminine Flamenco Online

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the Magical Triangle of Flamenco...

Jerez - Sevilla - Cádiz
Feria- Flamenco Cultural Immersion Trips to Spain

Feria & Spring Rites

April 28 - May 5, 2024
May 5-12, 2024 

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Learn Zambra Mora Immersion & Tanguillos in Spain. Flamenco cultural immersion trips

Zambra & Summer Fun!

July 7-14, 2024
July 14-21, 2024

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Navidad Flamenca in Spain- Flamenco Immersion Trip

Navidad Flamenca 

December 8-15, 2024

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The Magical Triangle
of Flamenco

Jerez- Seville-Cadiz

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Who Is Your Hostess?

¡Hola! I am Puela Lunaris, dance educator, flamenco cultural consultant, multimedia producer, and the founder of Raíces Flamencas, a program devoted to safeguarding aspects of flamenco almost in danger of extinction, such as Zambra and the ancient feminine flamenco.

I created these Flamenco Cultural Immersion in Spain so you can have access to flamenco as a living culture, as we Spaniards experience it through our rites & celebrations, which is different from what you see on the stage and usually not available to foreigners.

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Culture and Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU). Most importantly, since 2004,  I have  been researching and preserving through audiovisual media our traditional flamenco celebrations, many of which are in danger of extinction. 

Now, I am making available these unforgettable life experiences, to share with wonderful people like yourself the magic of my culture.



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