Flamenco Christmas in Spain Awaits You!
Jerez - Cadiz - Sevilla

Flamenco Trip to Spain  -  December 1-15, 2024

By Invitation Only!
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Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Andalusia:
Experience the Authentic Zambomba Flamenco Christmas Celebration in Jerez de la Frontera


I am Puela Lunaris. This December, I'll welcome you in Jerez (the Navidad Flamenca Capital of the World), so you can dance & sing with us local Spaniards, around bonfires, under the stars, in our traditional Flamenco Christmas celebrations, which we call Zambomba

Plus, I will take you on unique, unforgettable journeys through the Magical Triangle of Flamenco, including the legendary cities of Sevilla and Cádiz.

After this extraordinary journey, you'll return home renewed & uplifted! 

 Flamenco Cultural Immersion in Spain - December 2023 -

December 1-8, Jerez - Cádiz

December 8-15, Jerez - Sevilla 

Yes. You Can Have Both! 

Experiencing the Zambomba de Jerez Flamenco Christmas Celebration
goes beyond entertainment and sightseeing!

It has the power to touch the depths of one's soul, leaving a lasting impact
on emotional well-being, spiritual enrichment, and personal growth.

The soulful connections forged through this celebration can instill a sense of purpose & belonging,
inspiring you to embrace life with a newfound sense of wonder and creativity.

It is an experience that lingers in the heart,
enriching lives in ways that extend far beyond the duration of the celebration itself.

WEEK 1 (December 1-8) 

Awesome Day Trip to Cádiz

Flamenco Christmas in Jerez

 Learn Rumba Flamenca

In addition, to learning how to sing and clap Villancicos (traditional styles of flamenco christmas carols) you will also practice singing & dancing Villancicos por Rumbas, so you can dance among us Spaniard in our Zambomba celebrations.

WEEK 2 (December 8-15)


Fantastic Day Trip to Sevilla

Flamenco Christmas in Jerez

 Bulerías Made Easy!

Learn Buleías the easy way: as a social style. The traditional flamenco folklore gitano traditional in Jerez.

BY INVITATION ONLY. Click Here to Apply

Sample Schedule Zambomba
December 1-15, 2024

View the sample schedule below to get an idea. A detailed itinerary will be provided prior to your arrival in Jerez. (All times are CET)

🌺 Sundays - Arrival day: 

  • Check-in: 12 noon (If you arrive earlier, you can leave your luggage at the apartments and take a nice walk around Jerez)
  • 8pm: Opening Night Reception, with a lavish & delicious traditional (two-course) Spanish dinner, completed with drinks, bread and dessert.
  • Out to experience a fun, fascinating Zambomba

🌺 Typical day in Jerez: 

  • 10am: History & Culture to understand Zambomba celebrations in different settings (streets, peñas, wineries, tablaos, theaters, brotherhoods etc), which you will experience.
  • 11am: Cante & Palmas (clapping) Class, so you can sing along with us (you don't need a singing voice at all) 
  • 12pm: Dance Classes
  • 1pm: Break
  • 2pm: Out to day-time Zambombas
  • 6-8pm: Free time & optional activities / Rest / Dinner / Shopping / Optional: Arabic-style baths, wineries, dancing horses, etc.
  • 8pm: Night-time Zambombas (dancing, singing, being merry!)

🌺 Special Day-Trips: 

Fantastic Day-Trip to Cádiz! (Week 1-December 1-8)

  • Discovery Tour of Marvelous Cádiz
  • Visit the Archeological Museum of Cádiz, which is the most ancient city in Western Europe. 
  • Lunch & sobremesa with Q&A
  • Walk through the golden sands of the beautiful La Caleta Beach
  • Dance class on the beach (weather permitting)
  • Flamenco Shopping Tour

Fabulous Day-Trip to Sevilla! (Week 2-December 8-15)

  • Visit the legendary Royal Alcazar. A fairy-tale medieval palace of breathtaking beauty akin to the Alhambra. (fun fact: Game of Thrones was shot here)
  • Dance at the gorgeous Plaza de España 
  • Lunch & sobremesa with Q&A
  • Visit the Museum of Flamenco Dance (optional)
  • Flamenco Shopping Tour

🌺 Sundays - Departure day:

  • 12 noon: Check out time (But you can leave your luggage at the apartments and spend the day in Jerez) 

🌟 Note: Both weeks have a similar structure, but DIFFERENT programs. If you stay for both weeks, you'll be having two different, enriching experiences and save a lot of money.

I created these very special and unique Flamenco Cultural Immersions™
to welcome you in Spain and share the magic of my culture to you!

With me, you are NOT another tourist
watching another commercial flamenco show in a tablao.

In this Lunaris Flamenco Cultural Immersion™, I invite you
to enjoy our flamenco culture with us Spaniards!

We’ll welcome you as a new friend, so you can...
dance with us under the stars,
sing with us through the streets,
revel in our cuisine and local flavors
and return home renewed
after experiencing with us our unique Flamenco Christmas Zambomba Ritual!



You will staying at a former Andalusian palace from the 1500s, which later was transformed into a Corral de Vecinos (a traditional communal living). 

Now, this ancient palace has been transformed into lovely fully equipped apartments in the historic center of Jerez, within walking distance to everything.

Double occupancy apartments with kitchen, WIFI, amenities, and living room. You’ll have your own private bedroom and a shared bathroom.  

Private apartments may be available for an additional fee, which is waived if you stay for both weeks.

Who Is Your Guide?

¡Hola! I am Puela Lunaris, dance educator, flamenco cultural consultant,
 multimedia producer, and the founder of Raíces Flamencas, a program devoted to safeguarding aspects of flamenco in danger of extinction.

I created these Flamenco Cultural Immersion Experiences to satisfy the desire to taste flamenco as a living culture, as we Spaniards experience it through our rites & celebrations, which is different from what you see on the stage and usually not available to foreigners.

I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Culture and Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY) and a Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU). Most importantly, since 2004,  I have  been researching and preserving through audiovisual media our traditional flamenco rites, many of which are in danger of extinction. 

Now, I am opening the doors to these unforgettable life experiences, to share with wonderful people like yourself the magic of my culture.

Real Stories


This Flamenco Cultural Immersion Includes:


  • Welcome dinner reception & orientation. Enjoy our lavish traditional meal style with a first course, second course, drink, bread, and dessert.
  • Accommodations in a first-class, fully equipped apartment in the historic & quaint Jerez. (Double occupancy apartments with kitchen, WIFI, amenities, and living room. You’ll have your own private bedroom and a shared bathroom.  Private apartments may be available for an additional fee, which is waived if you stay for both weeks). 
  • History & culture presentations where you'll discover little-known facts about flamenco... Well-researched, accurate information which is hard to find anywhere else.
  • Palmas & compás classes so you can participate in our fiestas & gatherings...
  • Cante classes, including a specialty workshops with a renown Gitano singer from Jerez. You'll learn correct pronunciation and accurate lyrics, so you can sing along with the local  community during our Zambomba festivities.
  • Digital song-book with traditional Villancicos, Romances, and Canciones Populares.
  • Spanish fun mini-lessons to learn important phrases to communicate with your newly-found local friends.
  • Review + Q & A sessions.
  • Private workshops with acclaimed flamenco singers & dancers from Jerez.
  • Small group size 
  • Being hosted with personalized attention by a loving & knowledgeable Spaniard (yours truly 💕).
  • Translations when needed.
  • Guided Walking tours of Jerez.
  • Beautifully designed Certificate of Attendance presented to you during a memorable ceremony. 
  • Videos & photos of you dancing in Spain!
  • The opportunity to enjoy an authentic flamenco cultural immersion with a wonderful international group of people and make friends among Spaniards.

 Specialties Week December 1-8

  • Villancicos singing workshops with a renown Gitano singer from Jerez. 
  • Rumba dance classes. 
  • BONUS: full Rumba dance online course, available to you as soon as you sign up, so you know the basics by the time you arrive to Spain
  • Round Trip Jerez-Cádiz pre-booked & paid for you.
  • Paid-for-you visit to Cádiz Archeological Museum.
  • Discovery walking tour of Cadiz. 
  • Opportunity to dance at the famous La Caleta Beach (weather permitting).
  • Flamenco shopping tour in Cádiz (with me, you always get the best deals).

 Specialties Week December 8-15 

  • Bulerías made-easy workshop with a celebrated guest teacher from Jerez.
  • BONUS: Exploring Bulerías online dance course, available to you as soon as you sign up, so you know the basics by the time you arrive to Spain
  • Round trip Jerez-Sevilla, pre-booked & paid for you.
  • Entry fees to the dazzling Royal Alcazar of Sevilla.
  • Guided Walking tour of Sevilla.
  • Dancing opportunity at the legendary Plaza de España in Sevilla.
  • Flamenco shopping tour in Sevilla (I´ll get you the best deals)

🌟 Note: Both weeks have a similar structure, but DIFFERENT programs. If you stay for both weeks, you'll be having two different, enriching experiences and also save a lot of money

This Flamenco Cultural Immersion does NOT Include: 

Air fare, transportation to & from the airport, theater performances, food (except for the specified dinner or events).


🍀 One week: $2887 (save $100 by paying in full= $2787)

🍀 Both weeks (Best Deal): $4,897 (Plus, an additional $100 discount if paid in full = $4,787 ) You save almost $1,000.00 by signing up for both weeks

🍀 $1087 deposit to secure your spot - $1897 for both weeks.

All remaining balances are due before November 3rd.

Registration deadline

October 18th. This experience is open to only a small group of people. If you are intending to join, it is wise to apply right away, because it typically sells out fast! Also, you get the best choice of apartments. First come, first served.

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