Rumba Flamenca Moruna for Mediterranean TV (Spain)

OMG what a special performance this one was, dancing at the shores of the Mediterranean sea!.

I gladly spent several weeks working on this choreography to be performed at a major TV appearance.

Have you ever experienced the pleasure and the challenge of creating a choreography?

If you are anything like me, you want your choreographies to be rich and have variety.

Specially, for this choreography variety of steps was important to me, so I put together many of the moves that I teach on three different courses online: Zambra courseFeminine Flamenco and Gypsy Skirt Dance course.

The music you see me dance here is called "Anabalina." I call this style Rumba Flamenca Moruna.  I grew up with this type of Rumba Flamenca Moruna, which is a little known, exotic aspect of Flamenco.  It is a Rumba Flamenca (think Gypsy Kings) with Moorish flavor.

I love this music because in it the connection between Spain and North Africa come together in a juicy way. 

If I have ever done a conscious fusion of Flamenco and Bellydance, this is one of those times. Here are a few segments of the choreography :-)  

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