Rumba Flamenca - Waves of Joy!


Rumba Flamenca is one of the most joyful styles of Flamenco. That is why it is one of my favorite dances. In addition, Rumba Flamenca is a little sassy and it's very sexy, giving us a chance to express ourselves in a multidimensional way.

One common way to make your entrance to a Rumba Flamenca dance  is by waving your skirt, which I call it Waves of Joy!

The steps in Rumba Flamenca are simple
and the energy can be superb!

The energy changes in the room when we enter dancing! Things don't stay the same in the universe. That level of power in our dance is what I teach in my classes!

In this video below, I demonstrate what I am talking about... 



In a world filled with stress, providing an oasis of joy to people - even for just a few minutes - is a great blessing. Yes, we're bringing blessings to people through our joyful dance. People feel the energy and that's a beautiful gift we can give to those who watch us dance!




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