Gypsy Skirt Dance- Rumba Flamenca in Babylon

Performing Spanish Gypsy Skirt dance in my barefoot Flamenco signature style at the ancient city of Babylon was truly a life changing experience!

Ever since I was a little girl reading the Bible stories about the Garden of Eden between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers I used to day-dream with that exotic land.

I can say that performing among those two legendary rivers at the cradle of Western civilization was really a dream come true.  

What you see here is an improvisation of my Spanish Gypsy Skirt dance. I offer a whole course online breaking down in digestible bites the different fun techniques to dance with your skirt.  By taking the course, you can learn a whole choreography and also use the dance vocabulary in your own fusions.

Making the skirt the focus of your dance is an art in danger of extinction, as most flamenco ladies have been for a long time a lot more interested in strong footwork than in the traditional ways of dancing with your skirt.   I have happily devoted myself for years to research and recover this simple feminine style of dancing.



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