Rumba Flamenca in Babylon

Performing a Rumba Flamenca in my barefoot Flamenco signature style
at the Throne Room of Alexander the Great in the ancient city of Babylon
was truly a life changing experience!

Ever since I was a little girl reading the Bible stories about the Garden of Eden, between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, I used to daydream with that exotic land.

I can say that performing among those two legendary rivers at the cradle of Western civilization was really a dream come true.  

What you see on the video above are excerpts from a choreography I created to perform at the Babylon International Festival in 1999.  The venue was the Throne Room of Alexander the Great!

Early in the 20th century dancing with the skirt as a dance prop was a huge trend, not only in Flamenco, but also some of the "mothers" of Modern Dance (such as Ruth St.Denis and Loie Fuller) were Skirt Dancers.

I have happily devoted myself for years to research and recover this simple feminine style of dancing and I teach several courses and even a Teacher Training based on Skirt Dancing. 

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