Gypsy Sephardi Tambourine

Ever since times immemorial my ancestors in Spain (and all over the Mediterranean area actually) danced with the tambourine. The Iberians, the Celts, the Romans, the Sephardim, the Moors, the Gypsies... The tambourine has been part of all the cultures that have left a footprint in Spain. Until recently, the tambourine was also part of our Flamenco legacy.

However, now tambourine dancing and playing is truly an aspect of Flamenco in danger of extinction.  To honor and keep alive this ancient tradition, I perform this barefoot Flamenco dance to the tunes of the soulful Campanilleros Flamenco music.  

🌟 NO shoes needed
🌟 NO credit card required
🌟 Short lessons: easy to squeeze them into your day!
🌟 You can dance anywhere (including your living room)

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