Whole Body Gentle Conditioning in 8 min.


These days, many of us spend lots of time sitting down in front of one screen or another. Don't we?

In this post, I am answering a question from Gina, who asks:

"Hi Puela, I love your Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco style, but I find myself consumed by inertia, spending most of my time on my phone or my computer and not wanting to move at all. Before I even think of dancing, I need some sort of brief and very gentle stretching exercises to get my body ready to move... something I can do standing in my living room. What would you recommend?"

Well, Gina, I think I have the perfect little workout for you! In the video above, you'll find a warm-up/conditioning from one of my Zambra Mora classes. It is gentle, brief (only 8 minutes) and it works your body from head to toe.

If you wish to experience the entire Zambra Mora class, you can now click here to access it FREE for a whole 3 days. 




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