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In this post, I am answering a question from Gina, who asks:

"Hi Puela, I love your Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco style, but I find myself consumed by inertia, spending most of my time on my phone or my computer and not wanting to move at all. Before I even think of dancing, I need some sort of brief and very gentle stretching exercises to get my body ready to move... something I can do standing in my small living room. What would you recommend?"

Firstly, thank you for your kind words about my Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco style! I completely understand the challenges of feeling consumed by inertia and spending too much time on our screens. These days, many of us spend lots of time sitting down in front of one screen or another. Don't we?

Well, Gina, I think I have the perfect little workout for you! In the video above you'll find a warm-up/conditioning from one of my Zambra Mora online classes. It is gentle, brief (only 8 minutes), it works your body from head to toe and you can do it standing right in the comfort of your living room.

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