Fascinating Interviews: Secrets of Flamenco Rhythms



In this Fascinating Interview, I have the immense honor, pleasure, and privilege to speak with David El Gamba in his native Jerez de la Frontera, one of the cradles of Flamenco.

I met David while taking his professional development course on Flamenco rhythms during the International Flamenco Festival in Jerez, where he has been teaching for over a decade.



David is a master of Flamenco Rhythms. He's a teacher of teachers and he goes all over the world teaching Cante (Flamenco singing) and Palmas (the intricate Flamenco rhythmic patterns)

His classes involve getting to know the different Flamenco styles, their various rhythms and variations, learning the accents, understanding the interaction between the singing and dancing, studying ‘Jaleo’ ( how to say “ole” at the right time), how to use the feet, and the hands (Palmas)…in short learning the language of Flamenco in a comfortable atmosphere, enjoying the experience.

I hope you'll enjoy this Fascinating Interview, where we talk about how the international flamenco community can begin to feel and understand Flamenco rhythms.

Flamenco rhythms can be challenging for everybody, but especially for people who were not born in Spain or who have never been in Spain.

David reveals in this interview some important secrets to help us internalize the riveting (and sometimes challenging) Flamenco rhythms.


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