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"Falda Fights" World Premiere

This is a Choreographic tribute to one of my Flamenco dance heroes:  Antonio Gades

He was a non-gypsy dancer and choreographer well loved by everyone, gypsies and non-gypsies alike.

As his sources of inspiration, he always drew from Flamenco as an oral tradition and as a folklore.

This piece, which premiered at the Rakkasah Spring Caravan Festival 2015,  is inspired in his Carmen movie, specifically the dance fight at the tobacco factory which in turn was inspired by the traditional way in which our grandmothers used the skirt to dance.

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I am deeply grateful to Jesska for dancing with me! Her grace and passion were also a great inspiration for my choreography. She is a fantastic dancer and a graduate of my Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance Teacher Training

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