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Dancing for Deepak Chopra: The Magic of Zambra Mora


We Can Make Our Dreams Come True!

Some years ago, a little girl in a village in Spain, when she was alone, often danced a once-forbidden dance, while daydreaming that upon growing up she will become a professional dancer and perform in far-away lands for amazing people who were changing the world.

Well, let me tell you something most people don’t know… that little girl is yours truly, the once-forbidden dance is Zambra Mora, and the dream has come true!

As you can see in this video, my childhood dream came true when I was invited as a Special Guest Performer for my beloved and revered teacher Deepak Chopra’s fabulous event in New York City!


I am convinced that dancing authentic Zambra
has a magical power to unfold your destiny in your mind’s eye.

While the Zambra Mora became an art in danger of extinction as Flamenco turned into a footwork-based dance form, I became a professional dancer devoted to rescuing and passing down the Zambra Mora tradition.

Now, I often receive emails and Facebook messages from dancers interested in advancing their dance careers by studying Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion™ and specializing in with Zambra Mora.

That’s why I decided to open up time on my schedule to speak with some devoted dancers. If you are interested in learning more about these spellbinding aspects of Flamenco and how you can also get to dance for celebrities you admire even if you are just starting out, click here to watch this illuminating Free Training.  Then, book one of my complimentary Strategy Sessions.

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