Cádiz: Discover Spain's Oldest Gem


Experience the Essence of Cádiz: Flamenco, Flavor, and Fiesta!

Hey there, fellow flamenco lovers! Welcome to the enchanting city of Cádiz, the most ancient city of Western Europe.

As the hostess of the Lunaris Flamenco Cultural Immersions in Spain, I invite you to embark with me on an unforgettable journey into the heart of this captivating city.

Let's delve into Cádiz's rich history, captivating rhythms, and vibrant flamenco culture.

Unearthing the Phoenician Legacy: Cádiz's Ancient Origins

Cádiz boasts an impressive title – the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. It all started with the Phoenicians, the merchants from the Middle-East (today's Lebanon) who established this coastal haven more than 3,000 years ago. They called it Gadir.

During our Magical Triangle of Flamenco Immersions in Spain, you'll hear whispers of its storied past. I'll take you to the Archaeological Museum of Cádiz. There, we'll stand in the footsteps of the ancients and unravel the mysteries of this legendary city.

Puellae Gaditanae: Unveiling the Dance Secrets of Ancient Rome

During the Roman Empire, Cádiz, called Gades, was celebrated for its Puellae Gaditanae –  Latin for the Girls of Cádiz, the awe-inspiring dancers from the Roman times who made the city renown with their spell-binding sensual moves, filled with life force. My stage name Puela Lunaris is so to honor these mesmerizing dancers of ancient times.

Imagine yourself transported back in time, surrounded by the grandeur of the Roman era. The rhythmic and arousing moves of the Puellae Gaditanae are etched into the very essence of Cádiz. The echoes of their dance evoque the ancient roots of Flamenco, the soul-stirring music and dance we still adore today.


Cádiz's Influence in the Americas: Flamenco de Ida y Vuelta

Cádiz's love affair with the Americas is truly tangible. For centuries, it was the bustling port where ships journeyed back and forth between Spain and the Americas, forging a profound connection.

Cádiz didn't just facilitate trade; it became a vibrant hub of cultural and musical exchange, weaving a rich tapestry of what we call "Flamenco de Ida y Vuelta."

As we stroll along the sun-soaked promenades, we celebrate the cultural exchange that gave birth to "Flamenco de Ida y Vuelta" – flamenco music that traveled across the seas to the Americas and back. The city's coastal allure and its Afro-Caribbean influences shaped this unique flavor of Flamenco, which we fully enjoy during our Tanguillos Summer Immersion.

A Cradle of Flamenco: Alegrías & Tanguillos de Cádiz

Cádiz isn't just a place of historical significance; it's also a cradle of flamenco. Here, the joyful rhythms of Alegrías and Tanguillos dance through the narrow streets. These infectious melodies will move your spirit as we wander along the picturesque plazas and immerse ourselves in the sounds of Cádiz's soul.

To truly savor Cádiz's essence, we'll get to learn Tanguillos dancing during our Summer Flamenco Immersion. Tanguillos is a joyful, fun, and playful Flamenco style.

Our senses will be delighted as we explore this coastal paradise, learn its traditional dance, and meet its happy people.

You'll feel the ocean breeze, hear the laughter in the streets, and taste the flavors of Cádiz's world-renowned cuisine. Come prepared to be captivated by this charming, historic city.

Join me in the heart of Cádiz... where history, culture, and flamenco converge to create an unforgettable experience. Let's make every step a dance, every moment an adventure. ¡Venirse, amigos! Cádiz awaits.

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