Real Story: Lunaris Feminine Flamenco™ Helps Anti-Aging (Interview)



Puela Lunaris Interviews Mei Patterson, Anti-Aging Expert

Hello Mei, I am excited to have you here
today and to engage in a conversation
with you about the power of dance and
about the training you have done with me.

Also, about your amazing work because you
are a longevity practitioner and you
work in the realm of anti-aging within the morphic fields,
that's fascinating to me!

 I am really intrigued about how are you going to
apply or how you're applying already
what you have learned in the Lunaris Barefoot
Feminine Flamenco™ Teacher
Training to your amazing work?


I work in the realm of energy and moving energy
and shifting energy and I specifically
work in the realm of reverse aging.
When we move so much energy,  somatically get into
our bodies and keep our bodies really strong and
healthy is so important! 
So I found that Barefoot Flamenco for me is the best
and funnest way to exercise and
enjoy my own sensuality, my own
feminine essence and get a good
workout and all of that.

Did you have any hesitations
originally when you found this training?
That's a normal thing, right? so what were
your hesitations?

Well, I've been studying dance as a
student for a long time and I did feel stuck in that arena
but I didn't know that I could open up to
the realm of teaching dance and how much
that was going to provide me additional
education and the ability to share with others this beautiful
 form of dance so it's just
really exciting to find you and to find
a way to put it all together and
offer it online which is cool!

Yes. why do you decide to join this
this training with Puela?

well I absolutely love the way you've
set up your business. I love the way that you teach
so I think it's so important to not just
be an experienced dancer but the way
that you know how to break things down
and to actually explain it to others
was so clear and fun to go along with you on the
whole journey and I really enjoyed also
how you offer the marketing strategies
or successful presentation skills™,
different things like the anatomy... all
of these different features besides the
dance so it was really a comprehensive
course. I love that!

Thanks so much! To me, it's important that we are
well-rounded Dance Educators and that we
can bring all those different
perspectives and especially the
marketing, you know? Because I've been for
over 25 years a dancer and a dance
teacher with no day job and it came to
a point that I realized if I don't learn
marketing I'm gonna stay all my life in
the realm of The Starving Artists!
We have to come out of that myth and being able to be
successful artists because artists, we
are necessary people in the world

Absolutely yes!

Dancers and dance teachers deserve every success
and letting people know that we exist is
what basically marketing is about,
so yes I definitely I'm glad that I'm
able to share that as a very important complementary
education to everything else that we learn.

yeah it really is because
otherwise you would just stay sort of
hidden away without the proper skills to
really bring out to the world the
offering, so yeah it is really important
I'm very thankful that you recognize
that and put that into your program!

yes, yes... and what changes have you noticed in
your ability to teach dance?

well I've noticed that I'm I can break
things down so I've been able to
understand how a lot of times you know how to do
something but you don't know how to
teach something, so actually focusing on
slowing down things enough to
teach it so because I've been so far
just a student of dance
so anyway that was really fascinating for me!

Since you do this powerful work
with the morphic fields
how are you thinking to integrate what
you have learned in the Lunaris Feminine Flamenco™ teacher training?

 I work with women who are
interested in reverse aging and
we use the energetic system to make
upgrades and oftentimes the somatic
release of the contractions in the field
are really important to the work so
even if you're learning, even if you're energetically
releasing things your body can still
hold various types of stress. It's like
the fight and the flight and the muscles
and what not so getting a chance to
really shake all that out and kind of
work in that arena.. so I'm excited to be
able to offer a complementary service
for the morphic field work for women
in general who are interested in getting
in touch with their femininity and
what better way to do it than with
Barefoot Flamenco

totally agree!
because I'm also a certified
yoga & Qigong teacher, a certified Neuro-linguistic
programming practitioner, so I understand
the power of dance: it's cathartic
it's energizing it has so much to offer
for daily life and that's what I love
about it that's why I love teaching
because it's when you're on the stage
you can inspire people and it's great
but when you can bring that into daily
life that's what I'm passionate about!

I'm really thrilled that our training is
attracting not only your regular dance
teachers, but also amazing experts like
yourself who can bring the power of
dance into other expansive ways of

I'm so grateful for for your presence in
my life, in our community and what you can
do with the ancient feminine Flamenco
and bring it to women's lives, to people's
lives! I am really inspired by you Mei!

Oh, thank you! it's been such a pleasure to
be part of this course!

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