Lunaris, Farruquito & Farruco featured on Prime Time News TVE- National TV of Spain

Educational Program Flamenco Festival
at New York City Center

I am eternally grateful to Miguel Marin for recommending me to work with the New York City Center Education Department to develop the Educational Program of his Flamenco Festival.

Not only was I a founding member of the program back in 2002, but I also remained at New York City Center for a decade as a Cultural Consultant, a Professional Development Workshop Leader, and a Teaching Artist.

🌟 In my capacity as Cultural Consultant (Asesora Cultural), I provided the New York City Center Education Department with extensive cultural and artistic background about Flamenco to develop the new program. This included:

  • designing curriculum,
  • developing lesson plans' structure and content,
  • writing articles,  
  • writing & translating our Young People Dance Series Flamenco Vocabulary List,
  • researching, curating, and preparing all audio-visual/multimedia materials needed for our professional development workshops and in-school lesson plans.

🌟 As a Professional Development Workshop Leader at New York City Center, I collaborated with a superb team to design and deliver high quality interdisciplinary professional development workshops for diverse educators including NYC Department of Education (D.O.E.) classroom teachers. We provided them with exquisitely designed lesson plans and with engaging multimedia materials to bring to their classroom, so they could prepare their students for their flamenco experience.

🌟 As a Teaching Artist, it was deeply meaningful for me to bring my culture to thousands of students from K-12 in New York City. Especially, our first year was extraordinary as two shining stars of  Flamenco, Farruquito and Farruco, offered a unique performance for over 2000 students coming from the five boroughs of New York. Needless to say that the students were absolutely blown away by the power and magnificence of their dance!

🌟 We were featured on prime news by TVE, the National Television of Spain. Being interviewed by the National Television of Spain along with Farruquito and Farruco was especially relevant for me because I have known Farruquito and Farruco since they were boys, as their grandpa, the great Maestro El Farruco, was my mentor and dear friend.

Here is the video. You can see how excited the students were...  It is rewarding to know that Flamenco is inspiring and making an impact on new generations!



🌟 To this day, I continue with my life's work as a Dance Educator. I love to see people (adults and children) feeling happier and more alive by the power of dance!  

🌟 That is why, some years ago, I began a Dance Teacher Training for current and aspiring dance teachers who wish to bring the power of dance to the world. 

🌟 I also keep on freelancing as a Flamenco Cultural Consultant (Asesora Cultural). For more information about this service you can email me: contact(at) Let me know what your needs are and how do you envision I could be of help.

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