Flamenco Queer - The New Yorker Documentary


Women have been dancing masculine Flamenco since the 1800s. On the other hand, men dancing feminine Flamenco has been a taboo until recently.

The famed Manuel Liñán's Company from my native Spain and his entire cast of male dancers wearing (and dancing with) marvelous Flamenco skirts are a wonder to behold!!


Yours truly with Manuel Liñan, backstage at New York City Center, after his performance at the New York Flamenco Festival where I was a Teaching Artist and a Cultural Consultant with the Education Department for over a decade.

Manuel's unabashed defiance of gender roles and utter celebration of self-expression has been internationally acclaimed...

“Liñán’s gift is transcendental. He awakens rhythms, images, wildest possibilities of dance, and banishes the predictability of sitting in a theatre watching carefully staged flamenco”– The Financial Times, UK

“Manuel Liñán is the kind of creator who will make new fans for the genre, with his unique brand of fearless, innovative flamenco”– The Upcoming, UK

Furthermore, the prestigious magazine The New Yorker has sponsored a documentary, with support from The Pulitzer Center, about Liñán's work, which I am delighted to share with you below.

As you can see in the documentary, these men dance Feminine Flamenco with so much "arte"! As a teacher of Feminine Flamenco, I love it!

I agree with the eminent psychologist Carl Jung that the masculine and the feminine are in every one of us, that is why in my Dance Enrichment Program, I teach Feminine Flamenco to everybody, regardless of gender. Feminine Flamenco is not only for women, Manuel Liñan proves that men can dance it too! 

Manuel is an awesome and seductive performer of dazzling power. His show ¡Viva! takes us into the fascinating universe of the feminine, as seen from the masculine; thus exposing these two identities, which are part of our own nature.

Note: a good portion of this documentary was filmed at my beloved friend Curro Albaycín's cave in the Sacromonte of Granada.  If you ever go to Granada (I hope so) make sure to visit this legendary place. It is a living museum of Flamenco.

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