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What is Zambra?

Zambra (sometimes called Zambra Mora) is a sensual, passionate Flamenco from my own culture (Spain), with Moorish, Sephardi, and Gitano roots, which I have been devoted to rescuing from the danger of extinction since 1994.

There is a lot of confusion about what Zambra is and is not. Zambra is not a fusion of flamenco and belly dance!

Originally, Zambra Mora was the name given to the dance, the music, and the celebrations that my ancestors held in Al-Andalus, which was the Arabic name for Spain.

Zambra Mora dates back to the Middle Ages as a way to celebrate important occasions in life through song and dance.

Even though the Zambra tradition was forbidden for centuries, Zambras survived to become a cultural hit in the 1940s.

Unfortunately, since the 1980s, Zambras fell into oblivion, becoming an art almost in danger of extinction.

Aware of this danger, I have been devoted, since 1994, to researching and rescuing different styles of Zambras, especially the Flamenco forms that I loved and danced from childhood.

Thanks to my over 25 years of research and, most importantly, the transmission of my own cultural heritage, now you can learn to dance authentic Zambra through this exciting online course!

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Why Study Zambra Mora with Me?

Hola, I am Puela Lunaris, the Founder of the Flamenco Roots Program.

The first time that I heard a Zambra, I was in the cradle. I was born and raised in Montánchez, an ancient village in Southwestern Spain with an impressive Moorish castle, which used to be part of al-Andalus.

The women of the village sang different styles of Zambras that were very popular at the time.

I remember how much I loved this singing when I was a child... I would dance the Zambras while daydreaming that someday I would become a professional dancer.

I am convinced that dancing authentic Zambras has a magical power to unfold your destiny and soul purpose in your mind’s eye.

While the Zambras fell into oblivion as Flamenco increasingly turned into a footwork-based dance form, I did become a professional dancer devoted to rescuing and passing down the Zambra tradition.

I was deeply honored to be hailed by the prestigious New York City Center Education Department as a “World-renowned teacher, researcher, and dancer, who carries the flame of an almost forgotten ancient Flamenco Tradition, The Zambra Flamenca.”

Luckily, Zambra Mora has become very popular among belly dancers...

It was inspired by the request of my Bellydance students that I produced my educational video Zambra Flamenca, which is the foundation for this online course that you are about to experience.

I wish you could come to Spain for a Zambra Immersion with me!

But not very many dance enthusiasts can afford that. That is why I have created this Online Course, which is like taking private lessons with me in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

"Puela Lunaris is a world-renowned teacher, researcher and dancer, who carries the flame of an almost forgotten ancient Flamenco Tradition, The Zambra Flamenca.” 
New York City Center Education Department
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Real stories, from real dancers...

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

Puela, your dancing is mesmerizing to watch. The music is passionate and authentic.

You have had done a wonderful work in rescuing and preserving this exquisite art form and promoting the cultural awareness at an international level.

The dance is a gem and a treasure. It is a part of world cultural heritage.

Thank you so much and look forward to the updates on your wonderful projects.” 

Pamela Thamsuttigul
Dance Enthusiast – Singapore

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Thanks so much for all your lessons. I had many lessons from you -and also from other teachers. You are the only one which lessons everyone can dance. Puela you are the best one👍 My English is not good, but I hope you can understand the meaning. Thank you so much for the gift!
Love from Germany"
Renate Stork

5 golden stars for Lunaris Barefoot Feminine Flamenco™

"Wow! This is so inspiring Puela!
I really love this so much. It pierces my heart"

Michele Dean. USA

How Will You Learn?


This course is designed as a weekly curriculum, building on the previous week's Zambra practice.

To make online learning easy and fun, you'll have access to a variety of approaches:

  • 💃🏽 Private lessons shot in a 3-camera studio.
  • 💃🏽 Live-recorded group classes.
  • 💃🏽 Drills emphasizing specific details.
  • 💃🏽 Clear instructions & detailed break down of each combination into digestible bites.

Each week, you'll learn, at your own pace, a variety of steps, including rhythmic training, and we'll practice them with authentic Zambra music.

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