Bring Effective Wellness Programs to Your Office or School

With Puela Lunaris, Manhattan-based, Certified Stress-Management Coach

Corporate Wellness Talks

Informative multimedia presentations
providing practical and actionable take aways to reduce stress and increase productivity.


A fun aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of world music. Experience renewed vitality and mental clarity.

Archetypal Wisdom™

Through Creative Movement with Archetypal Wisdom™ Play and through Creative Visualization with Archetypal Wisdom™ Meditations we activate the power of archetypes, so we can be more productive at work and more fulfilled in life.


Learn several stress-dissolving, productivity-enhancing short routines (under five-minutes) that you can use right away, at your desk, during work hours, to help eye-strain, lubricate the joins, and refresh the mind.

Laughter Yoga

An innovative program that uses intentional laughter as a light cardio exercise to enhance health, boost peak performance, and reduce stress. No mats needed.

Yoga Nidra

Gain the equivalent of two hours of deep sleep in one 30-minute practice that allows your body to deeply relax while your mind remains lucid.

Focusing Energy of Rhythm™

An active mindfulness meditation to focus the mind and gain control over our most precious resource: our attention.


A moving meditation to expand your creativity and intensify the power of your bio-electromagnetic field. Available also with Sound Bath.

Seating Meditations

Enhance emotional intelligence, lower blood pressure, improve mindfulness. Choose from three time-honored traditions:
Inner Smile (Taoist)
Body Scanning (Buddhist)
Breathing/Concentration (Vedic)

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Meet Your Facilitator

Puela Lunaris, BA, CYT

A former top entertainment writer/producer with a major TV Network, internationally acclaimed performer, workshop leader, and speaker, Puela Lunaris is the founder of Movement Arts for Well-Being™, a comprehensive holistic wellness system that includes several highly effective mind-body programs, including active and seating mindfulness meditations, Chair-Yoga, Laughter-Yoga, QiGong, Whirling, Archetypal Wisdom™, and the Focusing Energy of Rhythm™, as well as  fun-filled workouts such as Zumba®, Ananda Yoga-Dance™, Bellydance, and Flamenco. 

Puela is devoted to excellence and professional development. Some of her certifications and credentials include:

◆ Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from the State University of New York (SUNY)
◆ Master of Science in Digital Media from New York University (NYU) (December 2019)
◆ Stress-Management Certification by the Integral Yoga® Institute International

◆ Chair-Yoga Certification by Integral Yoga® Institute International
◆ Laugh-a-Yoga Leader Certification by Integral Yoga® Institute International

◆ Interdisciplinary Yoga Certification by the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

◆ Qi Gong Certification by the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine

◆ Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner Certification by the NLP Center of New York
◆ Zumba® Fitness and Zumba® Core Instructor Certification
◆ Pilates Certification by Equinox
◆ Laban Movement Analysis/Dance Education Laboratory’s Year-Long Teacher Training

◆ Dance Education Laboratory's Advanced Facilitator In Training (FIT) Program
◆ Planet Dance: Multicultural Dance Education Certification by DEL-NYC.

◆ National Dance Institute: Dance Teacher Training Intensive

◆ Community Word Project’s Year-Long Multidisciplinary Teaching Artist Program

Passionate about the proven power of dance as a tool for stress-management, Puela has created several effective methods including:
* The Focusing Energy of Rhythm™, an active mindfulness meditation to gain control over our most precious resource: our attention.
* Archetypal Wisdom™, which uses creative movement and guided meditations to activate the power of archetypes, so we can be more productive at work and more fulfilled in life. 
* Ananda Yoga-Dance™, a practice that has been lauded, since 2005, as rejuvenating, invigorating, and fun.
* The Dance of the Universe™, a whirling meditation to expand creativity and increase the power of your bio-electromagnetic field.

In addition, as a Certified Stress-Management Coach, Puela is a Corporate Wellness Speaker, offering multimedia presentations that teach practical, actionable approaches to managing the common stressors or work and life.

Hailed by the Village Voice as a “workshop leader who guides you through a sacred labyrinth of powerful unconscious forces,” Puela has appeared on TV in North America and Europe, including NBC, CNN, Univision and PBS in the United States, the R.A.I. in Italy, and TVE, Telecinco, Antena 3, Canal Sur and TV Marbella in Spain.

Puela knows that in our highly sedentary, media-intense culture, we need to be connected with our bodies more than ever. She is enthusiastic about researching and teaching ways to enliven our creative spirit, so we can live our most fulfilling lives.


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