Do You Know the Difference between Alegrias and Tangos, between Soleares and Rumbas?

Many people think that Flamenco is ONE type of music. Nothing further from reality.
Under the umbrella name of Flamenco there are more than 50 different styles of music.

Have Fun Recognizing Flamenco Styles!

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The Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology is a rare collector’s item. It is an ethnographic, historical, and musical jewel for any lover of world music. It includes 12 albums, with more than 200 songs, covering over 30 distinct Flamenco styles.

By Listening to The Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology You'll Discover the Extraordinary Variety of Flamenco Styles!

This Anthology contains some the earliest Flamenco recordings in history, including those of the greatest Gypsy masters of all time, such as La Niña de los Peines (known as the "Empress of Flamenco Singing"), Maestro Manuel Torre and Pepe Pinto. You will also listen to the legendary guitars of Ramón Montoya, Niño Ricardo, and Manolo de Badajoz. Plus, you get special bonus tracks from the celebrated dancer Carmen Amaya, who was also an amazing singer. If you are interested in "Duende," here you will find it!

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This is how we learn Flamenco in Spain!

We listen to Flamenco music in the background, while driving or doing house chores. It becomes part of life. Fun! Effortless!

The Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology was designed and produced as a listening guide to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the rhythmical and melodic differences among the Flamenco Styles.

Whether you are a dancer, singer, guitar player, percussionist or simply a lover of world music, you will enjoy the Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology both as a gateway into the experience of Duende and as a listening guide to recognize the different Flamenco styles in a fun and easy way.

With repeated listening you will distinguish one Flamenco Style from another. In the Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology, the different styles (called Palos) are conveniently classified by albums. Every song is clearly labeled with the style they belong to. Therefore, you will be able to name the styles and recognize them when you hear them.

Here are some of the fascinating Flamenco Styles you'll gain access to...

Afro-American Influence

Called “Flamenco de Ida y Vuelta” (Round-trip Flamenco), this album features Flamenco styles with Afro-American influence. The rich musical heritage of Spain mixed in the Spanish colonies in the Americas with those of other populations such as the African slaves. This musical melting pot, in turn, influenced Flamenco immensely, creating styles with a distinctive flavor. Among them, you will listen to Rumbas Flamencas, Colombianas, Guajiras, Milonga Flamenca and Vidalitas.

Alegrías and More

In this album you will discover the intriguing difference among the Cantiñas family, including: Alegrias, Caracoles, Romeras and Cantiñas. In addition, you gain access to listening a variety of Bulerias por Solea (also called Solea por Bulerias). You also get bonus tracks for Jaleos Extremeños, Rondeñas and Bamberas.


This double album is entirely dedicated to Bulerías, one of the genuinely Flamenco Gypsy styles that has become immensely important in the last century. What you will hear in these recordings is the essence of this art, including many of the most legendary Bulerías of all time, interpreted in the ultimate masterful way.


Fandangos are a time-honored Flamenco style. In this double album you can listen not only to a great variety of Fandangos Grandes and Fandangos Personales, but also you can enjoy the difference among the Fandangos de Huelva, de Lucena, de Alosno and del Albaicin.

Farruca & Garrotín

Farruca and Garrotin, two styles easy to hear and distinguish as they are both based on binary rhythms (4/4 measures). This album includes some of the earliest ever recorded and most representative pieces of both styles. It also includes a bonus track with a Garrotin sung and danced by legendary Gypsy master Carmen Amaya.


Peteneras is one of the deepest and most enigmatic styles of Flamenco. Shrouded in mystery and legend, its lyrics often talk of the “femme fatale” who is the “perdition of men.” However, at one point, Peteneras where a light Flamenco form with a folk flavor. In this album you can listen to both, including some of the first ever recorded Peteneras. This compilation of Peteneras is truly an ethnographic jewel and a coveted collector’s item.


Saetas are Flamenco processional hymns of unfathomable, solemn beauty sung during Holy Week processions. Traditionally, they are either sung with no musical accompaniment (“a palo seco”) or to the accompaniment of the processional music. In recent years, it has become fashionable to interpret them on the stage, even adding dance to it.


Sevillanas are the Flamenco of the people. Joyful and highly structured at the same time, they serve as a foundation for other dances and styles. In this album we hear traditional Sevillanas skillfully interpreted by legendary Gypsy master from Seville La Niña de los Peines.


This double album is dedicated to the deep Jondo style of haunting beauty called Siguiriyas or Seguiriyas. If you enjoy Cante Jondo, you are in for a treat! These early recordings are historical masterpieces that have served as inspiration to every generation of Flamenco singers and musicians for more than a 100 years.



We continue with the deep Jondo styles. In this double album, you will listen to the sorrowful Gypsy style called Soleá or Soleares. Just like in the Siguiriyas album, you will have the opportunity to hear the difference between “Cante  P’alante” (singing solo) and  “Cante P’al Baile,” (singing to accompany the dance). When Flamenco is sung specifically for a dancer to interpret it, the structure and tempo of the song changes to accompany the dance)


Different from Argentine Tango and historically influenced by North-African and Afro-Caribbean cultures, the Gypsy Tangos Flamencos of Spain are sensual and lively.  Tangos are considered foundational for many other Flamenco binary styles based on the 4/4 measure (compás).


Once known as Tangos, Tientos are a sensual style with heart-felft lyrics and sultry cadences. In this album you hear early renditions by two truly legendary Gypsy masters praised by Lorca: La Niña de los Peines of Seville and Maestro Manuel Torre of Jerez de la Frontera.

The Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology is a production of The Chanelar Flamenco Project, a program of Dances of the World Society to rescue aspects of Flamenco in Danger of Extinction.  Your contribution helps to preserve the wisdom inherent in these traditions, which is such an important legacy for generations to come.

Using the Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology as a reference and listening guide, you can now engage in a fascinating exploration of the different Flamenco styles. To access and download The Legendary Gypsy Masters Anthology,  just click below and start listening!

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