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Sevillanas (Technique & Choreography)


Enjoy yourself learning Sevillanas, an exciting and highly structured dance that develops your coordination, sense of rhythm, balance, postural alignment, and stamina.

Sevillanas is one of the most long standing, traditional dances of Spain. Sevillanas is the Flamenco of the people! Many men and women learn it from childhood in Spain.

A colorful social dance that we Spaniards dance among our own during all kinds of celebrations. Sevillanas is also quite popular as repertoire in Flamenco shows on the stage.

What you'll get:

  • Full Choreography
  • Individual Techinque
  • Partner Technique
  • Perfomance

Learning Sevillanas develops a magnetic presence and enhances the way you carry yourself in every day life.

You can either dance the Sevillanas on your own, or invite friends to join you in the fun!

$19.99 USD


Two Step

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