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Mantón- Flamenco Shawl (Technique & Choreography)

Discover very important secrets, tricks, and techniques to handle the Flamenco shawl  (Mantón de Manila) with style, so you can easily learn the traditional way of dancing with the Flamenco shawl.

Then, we'll put these techniques together in a flow, so you also learn an entire choreography.


If you are a flamenca, you can incorporate all of these techniques into your own dances, like the Caña, Soleares, Sevillanas, Alegrías or whatever dance you enjoy dancing with the Mantón de Manila. The step in the choreography are kept simple on purpose, so you an focus on your mantón technique.

If you are a Bellydancer, all the techniques you will be learning, you can use with any veil, thus adding spice and excitement to your dance.

Whatever your dance style may be, you can magnify the magic of your performance with the techniques you'll learn in this course.

Furthermore, you can also use these techniques to enhance your feminine charms in any social occasion that welcomes the elegance of a shawl on your shoulders. Ole You!

Flamenco Shawl - Technique & Choreography

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