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Do You Want to Strengthen Your Turning Techniques?

Whirling - The Dance of the Universe™

Whether you are a dancer who wants to acquire new turning techniques or you simply want to engage in a dance meditation to slow down the tumbling of the mind and relax your nervous system, whirling can help you expand consciousness, enhance your stage presence, and connect with cosmic powers greater than ourselves.

Whirling is great for all dancers, especially if you perform with veils, capes or wings.

On this online course you learn four different whirling techniques:

The Wild Dervish
Focus Pocus
Gaea and Uranus
Galactic Ecstasy

With these four primordial styles of whirling you can create an exquisite balance between mesmerizing-meditative movements and spectacular show elements.

Based on my whirling system The Dance of the Universe™, you also learn an important practice to ground yourself after whirling, along with conditioning exercises based on concepts of sacred geometry from ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Plus, in this online course, I take you with me to the ancient area of Southwestern Spain where I was born, which is filled with medieval castles, fortresses, and temples from the time of the Roman empire.

After living in four different continents, I returned to my birth place, at the castle of Montanchez in the year 2000 to film The Dance of the Universe™ in the ancient, exotic locations of breathtaking beauty where I grew up.

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Whirling - The Dance of the Universe™

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