History & Culture: Tangos Flamencos

Join me in a multimedia exploration of one of the most sensual, fun, and magical styles of Flamenco!

Older than and different from the Argentine Tango,  the Tangos Flamencos of Spain are historically influenced by Arabic and Afro-Caribbean cultures.

The Tangos Flamencos are found in Gypsy communities throughout different areas on the Iberian Peninsula.  There are great variety of Tangos in Granada, Extremadura, and Triana; to a lesser extent we also find Tangos in Jerez,  Cadiz, Jaen, and Málaga. There are also Tangos Flamencos in Portugal, near Badajoz (Extremadura).

In this multimedia course, you gain access to all the different varieties! Plus, we will also explore Tangos Fusion and Tangos Personales. A real treat!

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