Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance - TEACHER TRAINING

Whether you’re a troupe leader looking for a new choreography, an aspiring dance teacher, or a well-seasoned instructor interested in teaching and performing a fresh and unique dance that will differentiate you from other teachers in your area, in this professional training you learn how to teach elements of the exciting Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance Style!

Not only are you helping to save a dance style in danger of extinction, but also you are gaining access to a "Teaching Through Excellence" Methodology that you can use to teach any dance style you wish.

Even if you are not interested in teaching, you still gain exclusive tips to enhance your own performance and take your dance to the next level!

An introduction to this course is included with your Monthly Lunaris Online Dance Academy Membership. I suggest you choose your Annual plan at checkout, so you can enjoy full access to this amazing training!

Either way (Annual or Monthly plan), you can try this training now for FREE!


Two Step

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