Would You Like to Be a Well-Respected Flamenco Fusion Specialist?

Are you a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, troupe leader,
singer, musician, scholar, or performance artist?

Are you interested in bringing the power and passion of Flamenco into your work?

Then, you might want to explore this fun and super comprehensive, interactive, online 8-week Professional Development Training!

During this training, you create your own unique Flamenco Fusion Project, so you can stand out in the crowd, build a massive following, and open new streams of income. In addition, you have the option to get Certified as a Choreographer and a Teacher. All without having to spend years and years taking expensive classes!

Some of the unique projects that our graduates have accomplished might include: signature choreographies, lesson plans, multimedia performances, lectures, outlines for books, educational programs, music compositions, treatments for documentaries, online courses, and more.

You too can realize your full potential and create something uniquely yours, your own intellectual property with which you can make money the rest of your life!

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Hi there! I am Puela Lunaris, the founder of Dances of the World Society. I have dedicated my life since 1991 to rescuing dance and music traditions in danger of extinction, including Zambra Mora and Feminine Flamenco.

In this training, I am putting at your service not only my extensive knowledge of my own culture as a native Spaniard, but also my 22+ years of experience as a multimedia artist devoted to Flamenco using many mediums (dance, ethnographic research, documentary production, teaching in many different settings, music production, spoken word, instructional DVDs & multimedia online courses production, and more...)

I am on a mission to pass down the fascinating traditions in danger of extinction that I so cherish. Take advantage of a Free Coaching Session with me!

There are no obligations whatsoever to sign up for my program. I am just glad to get to know you, understand how you would like to bring the power and passion of Flamenco into your work, and explore how can I support your goals and your success!

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With This Premium Training, You Get Lifetime Access to Fascinating, Exclusive Content!


✓ Create Your Own Unique Project
✓ Rhythmic Training
✓ Improvisation
✓ Musicality
✓ Dance Composition
✓ Inspiration from History & Culture
✓ Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco Technique™


✓ Teaching
✓ Performing
✓ Stage presence
✓ Costuming & Staging
✓ Savvy Marketing Magic
✓ Self-Confidence & Self-Love
✓ Successful Presentation Skills™


✓ Injury Prevention
✓ Self-Care Secrets
✓ Dance for Fitness
✓ Conditioning Exercises
✓ Anatomy in Plain English 
✓ Warm-ups & Cool-downs
✓ Movement Arts for Well-Being ™

Sounds Great! But Is This Training Really For Me?

  • Are you unsure of HOW to integrate Flamenco to make your offerings really unique and stand out among other “fusion artists” out there?
  • Are you confused, overwhelmed, or stuck, with marketing? Are you sometimes jealous that other dancers, less talented than yourself, get ahead of you only because they have mastered marketing and self-promotion?
  •  Do you feel uncertain talking about Flamenco history & culture?
  •  Perhaps, you even tried online lessons to expand your horizons, but you felt isolated in front of a flat screen with no community and no way to ask questions?
  •  Are you tired of that “inner critic” voice gnawing away at your self-confidence and charisma?

If you have answered "Yes" to even one of these questions, then, this training is for You!

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And... This Is What You Can Expect After Taking Our Training

  •  All of the years of confusion and frustration will lastly come to an end because you’ll have absolute confidence in what you are teaching and talking about, including the historical and cultural background of the dances.
  •   You’ll feel excited, enthusiastic, and eager to create new work by using a method that is fast, simple, and fun, while tapping into new fountains of creativity inside yourself that you never knew existed.
  •   You’ll experience an unprecedented sense of self-love, self-acceptance, and body image that exudes into a fascinating stage presence.
  •   You’ll finally be able to master marketing in a way that is simple and effective, so you can consistently attract adoring audiences and loyal students while increasing your income.
  •   Competition worries will be a thing of the past, as you find yourself creating fusions that are truly unique and truly yours.
  •   You’ll enjoy the magic of cyberspace as you'll have your questions answered by a loving mentor dedicated to your success and you'll connect with an international community of wonderful dancers like yourself.

What Are Fusion Artists Saying?

Puela is THE source to learn from!

"I love learning at my own pace and having the modules and videos to read and watch over and over again.

I enjoy having the community and being able to see the other dance teachers’ comments. Puela makes herself available for discussions and answering questions through our group coaching calls."

Elena Rose. Spring Lake, North Carolina

Every dollar spent has been worth it!

"Puela Lunaris has far exceeded my expectations! Her level of expertise and ability to break down every detail has made this online program feel as though I was taking an actual dance class rather than virtually.

Puela provides so much information that covers not only technique, but the culture, history, and life behind the dances!"

Jesska, Founder BaileDance Company, New York City

This online program is structured very well!

"Puela’s pastoral care is excellent! This training has filled in a lot of gaps for me. Now I have the vocabulary to break down the moves, as well as the imagery!

I have benefited by learning about choreography, musicality, palmas, also the subtleties of Flamenco styles. The multimedia approach is fantastic! "

Maureen Theresa. Dancer, soloist; writer/blogger. Walsall, United Kingdom

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Why Online?

The truth is that coming to Spain or to New York City to train with me can be extremely expensive. I have some rich students who can afford $20,000 or more to spend time training with me in Spain or New York. However, I understand that not everyone has that kind of money.

To make it convenient and save you money, I have created this state-of-the-art online, multimedia, interactive training, so you can access quality professional development and learn everything you need from the comfort of your home.

During this life-changing Professional Development Program you are NOT alone in front of a computer. I am with you every step of the way. You can ask me questions and receive loving feedback on your progress. Plus, you can review steps, classes, and courses as much as you want without having to pay again and again as in live classes.

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The spaces for these high value sessions are very limited and highly coveted!

Schedule an appointment now if you are ready to create your own Flamenco Fusion project and develop the unique skills and special style that can help you stand out and even open new streams of income.

We'll talk about your main concerns and goals. I will be glad to share with you strategic tips that can be helpful and inspiring. There no obligation whatsoever to sign up for my program!

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